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Why the need for ACW?

Our time is one of both opportunity and difficulty for women.  Their expectations of what life should offer have been raised to an impossibly high level. They are encouraged to work outside the home and to challenge their role in the life of the Church.  Secular society often seeks identity between men and women instead of equality and complementarity. Governments, intellectuals and the media repeatedly attack, denigrate and trivialise issues of importance to women .

The ACW affirms that it is the Catholic Church that has the full, liberating and life-giving answer to these problems. Issues to do with marriage and family life  receive little support from governments. The Magisterium (the teaching authority  of the Church) has consistently taught that human life must be protected from the moment of conception to natural death and that sex is for “bonding and babies” within the life-long commitment of marriage as part of God’s plan. Marriage gives stability to the relationship which assists the couple to be faithful to each other and provides the best environment for the upbringing of their children. Parents are the primary carers of their children and have the right to ensure that their families are educated in conformity with their religious convictions.  Women have always been called to serve in many and varied ways using their unique talents and insights . They have always played a decisive role and accomplished tasks of outstanding value to the Church. Women cannot be priests but this does not mean, nor has it ever meant, that they are inferior.

We recognise the valuable work carried out over many years by other Catholic women’s organisations and we gladly cooperate with them whenever the opportunity arises.