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to the Website of the ACW,
an organisation within the
Roman Catholic Church which


expresses glad assent to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as proclaimed by the Magisterium


works to ensure that the teachings of the Church are made known to the wider public through the Association’s own and other publications, the media and elsewhere

Mrs Josephine Robinson — Chairman
Due to the death of Mrs Ruth Real — Secretary unfilled
Mrs Patti Fordyce — Vice Chairman.
Mrs Elizabeth White — Treasurer

The Association of   Catholic Women

invites  you to

the Annual General Meeting



on Saturday, 31st October 2015

at St James’s, Spanish Place, George Street, London W1J 3QY

Coffee from 10 am

Meeting at 10.30 am

Mass at 12

  For more information please contact:

   Elizabeth White: 01723 375 130


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A Lenten Day of Recollection Saturday, 28th Feb 2015

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Report on Towards Advent

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